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The Mobile Museum Experience is here!

Students at Saint Ann's School participating in the Mobile Museum Experience during Black History Month, last February 2023


Mobile Museum Experience–



What is it?

The Mobile Museum Experience (MMX) is a uniquely stimulating and exciting, participatory, educational program for all ages that incorporates ethnographic history, emotional wellness, creative expression, body movement exploration and screen-free socializing--all curated through the lens of the black experience and roller-skate culture.


The African-American Roller-Skate Museum (AARSM) delivers this multi-dimensional presentation--including rental skates, safety gear, and all of the necessary supplies--for groups of students, adults, and families, at your location. We will set up in gymnasiums, cafeterias, basketball courts, multipurpose rooms, or in any open space with a smooth surface.


The Mobile Museum Experience in its ultimate form takes place in one full-day and includes three segments: LEARN. CREATE. SKATE.–lasting 6 periods/6-hrs in total. 

Groups may also choose to host the MMX by segments.


Program by Segments: 

LEARN: “Once Upon A Roller-Skate” (1 Period/1-hr session)

An ethnographic visual presentation of roller-skate history accompanied by a fact booklet for each participant to follow along. 


CREATE: “Self-Expression Creative Session”: (2 Periods/2-hour session)

A facilitated group dialogue followed by a hands-on arts-craft/design-decorating workshop and sharing.


SKATE: “Roller-Skate Fundamentals 101” (3 Periods/3-hour session)

An introductory skate lesson teaching participants the basics of moving, stopping and turning on skates plus free time to practice and receive 1-on-1 instruction from the Skate Educators.

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